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Revised 1/9/2001

George Wright Discography:  Original Releases
12-inch LPs and Compact Discs (LP unless noted as CD)

The Pre-HiFi Years

   1. George Wright at the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ
        Regent MG-6022                                       1956
        NY Paramount Studio Organ, with Cozy Cole on drums;
        recorded 1948

   2. Organ Reveries
        King 395-504                                         1957
        NY Paramount Theatre; also released on 78s; recorded

   3. Favorite Organ Solos:  George Wright on the Hammond
        King 395-509                                         1957
        Also released as "George Wright Plays Hotsy-Totsy Organ";
        recorded 1949-50

The HiFi Years

   4. George Wright Plays the Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ
        HiFi Records R-701                                   1956
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

   5. Encores
        HiFi Records R-702                                   1956
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

   6. George Wright's Merry Christmas
        HiFi Records R-706                                   1956
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

   7. More George Wright
        HiFi Records R-707                                   1956
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

   8. Showtime
        HiFi Records R-708                                   1956
        San Francisco Fox Wurlitzer; reissued on Doric LP and
        Banda CD

   9. George Wright Sound, The
        HiFi Records R-710                                   1957
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

  10. Encores Volume II
        HiFi Records R-711                                   1961
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

  11. George Wright Plays the Conn Electronic Organ
        HiFi Records R-712                                   1957
        Conn electronic organ

  12. Genius of George Wright, The
        HiFi Records R-713                                   1958
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

  13. Hymns That Live
        HiFi Records R-714                                   1958
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

  14. George Wright's Impressions of My Fair Lady
        HiFi Records R-715                                   1958
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

  15. George Wright Goes South Pacific
        HiFi Records R-716                                   1958
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

  16. Flight to Tokyo
        HiFi Records R-717                                   1959
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

  17. Roaring Twenties, The
        HiFi Records R-718                                   1959
        San Francisco Fox Wurlitzer; reissued on Doric LP and
        Banda CD

  18. Have Organ Will Travel
        HiFi Records R-721                                   1959
        San Francisco Fox Wurlitzer; reissued on Banda CD

  19. Mitchell Boys Choir Sings
        HiFi Records R-301
        Vaughn Wurlitzer; GW accompanies

  20. Dick Stewart Sings
        HiFi Records R-401
        Vaughn Wurlitzer; GW accompanies; includes other

  21. Jazz'n Razz Ma Tazz
        HiFi Records R-805                                   1958
        "Georgie's Varsity 5"; piano and combo

  22. Pop Pipe Organ in Hi-Fi
        RCA Camden CAL 414                                   1958
        Pseudonym Guy Melendy; Joe Kearns studio organ

  23. Very Hi-Fi Organ
        RCA Custom RAL 1010                                  1957
        Pseudonym Jocelyn McNeil; Joe Kearns studio organ

  24. Command Performance
        HiFi Records Life Series L-1006                      1965
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

  25. George Wright Original, A
        HiFi Records Life Series L-1008                      1965
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

  26. Sweet and Low
        HiFi Records Life Series L1011                       1965
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

  27. Tibia & Vox
        HiFi Records Life Series L1015                       1965
        Vaughn Wurlitzer

The Dot Years

  28. Let George Do It
        Solo 267                                             1960
        First recording on the South Pasadena studio organ;
        reissued on Banda CD with additional material

  29. Wright Touch
        Dot DLP 25447                                        1962
        South Pasadena studio organ; reissued on
        Famous Twinset

  30. Gulbransen Presents George Wright
        No label; no number                                  1962
        Not-for-sale demo; original Gulbransen Rialto

  31. Christmas Time
        Dot DLP 25479
        South Pasadena studio organ

  32. George Wright Pipe Organ Concert, A
        Dot DLP 25503                                        1963
        South Pasadena studio organ; reissued on
        Famous Twinset

  33. Great Hawaiian Melodies
        Dot DLP 25526                                        1963
        South Pasadena studio organ

  34. George Wright at the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ
        Hamilton (Dot) HLP 12120                             1964
        South Pasadena studio organ

  35. George Wright Plays George Gershwin
        Dot DLP 25612                                        1965
        South Pasadena studio organ

  36. Tribute to Jesse Crawford
        Dot DLP 25613                                        1965
        South Pasadena studio organ

  37. The San Francisco Hubcaps:  Percussion Party
        Dot DLP 25637                                        1965
        South Pasadena studio organ; played (almost)
        entirely on organ

  38. George Wright Plays Richard Rodgers
        Dot DLP 25656                                        1965
        South Pasadena studio organ

  39. George Wright Live -- In Concert
        Dot DLP 25712                                        1966
        South Pasadena Rialto Theatre Wurlitzer

  40. Sounds of Love, The
        Malar MAS 1003                                       1967
        Carson studio organ

  41. Now's the Right Time
        Dot DLP 25929                                        1969
        South Pasadena studio organ with rock combo

  42. George Wright and His Orchestra:  Reflections of My Life
        Dot/Paramount DLP 25984                              1971
        Electronic organs with instrumentalists

  43. George Wright at the Movies
        Essential Records ERS-01W                            1971
        South Pasadena studio organ, recorded 1961

  44. Wright On!
        Lurite Records L112                                  1977
        San Gabriel Civic Auditorium and South Pasadena Rialto

The Post-Dot Years

  45. Sound of Conn, The
        Organized Sound 7-17424-OSI                          1976
        2-manual Theatre and 3-manual Theatrette

  46. Allen 620 Digital Computer Organ
        No label; AOC-620                                    1977
        An early Allen computer organ

  47. Sound of Conn at Home With George Wright, The
        No label; 7-17850-OSI                                1978
        Conn 650 series

  48. George Wright Plays the Chicago Theatre Organ
        Century Records CRDD-1060                            1978
        Volume I of Chicago Theatre series; reissued on Banda CD

  49. George Wright Plays the Chicago Theatre Organ -- Vol. II
        Century Records CR-1061                              1979
        Chicago Theatre; reissued on Banda CD

  50. Forty-Second Street & Other Goodies
        Banda KM6404                                         1981
        Bob Power's custom Rodgers

  51. Paramount Organ Premier
        Banda KM10478                                        1982
        Oakland Paramount Theatre Wurlitzer

  52. Red Hot and Blue! (and Other Eclectic Goodies)
        Banda (CD) DIDX 438                                  1985
        Hollywood Philharmonic Organ; originally LP; reissued on
        CD with additional material

  53. Anything Goes
        Banda (CD) DIDX 2532                                 1987
        Hollywood Philharmonic Organ

  54. Kaleidoscope
        Banda (CD) DIDX 3322                                 1988
        Hollywood Philharmonic Organ

  55. Hot Pipes!
        Banda (CD) 12295                                     1990
        Hollywood Philharmonic Organ

  56. Merry Christmas!
        Banda (CD) ADO1                                      1990
        Hollywood Philharmonic Organ

  57. Nifty!  Fifty!
        Banda (CD) 8480S                                     1992
        Hollywood Philharmonic Organ

  58. The Art of George Wright, Volume One
        Banda (CD) BA 10945                                  1994
        Hollywood Philharmonic Organ

  59. Girls!  Girls!  Girls!
        Banda (CD) BA 109555                                 1995
        Hollywood Philharmonic Organ

  60. Rhapsody In Blue
        Banda (CD) BA 59657                                  1996
        Hollywood Philharmonic Organ

  61. Live At The Rialto
        BANDA (CD) BA-109759-2                               1998
        Rialto Theatre, 2/10 Wurlitzer, South Pasadena,
        California; recorded in 1971

  62. Salon
        BANDA (CD) BA309860                                  1998
        Hollywood Philharmonic Organ


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